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5mm PU Rope- Transparent white

Polyurethane provides you extreme flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, and small bend radius. Temperature range from -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to 100°C.) It is DOP-free, mold-free, recyclable and eco-friendly. Choices of handles: accurate CNC lathing aluminum alloy (T6061) grippers combining rotational system tightly with hydraulic punch. Light-weighted PP hand grippers, high tensile strength & anti-wear POM chamber, and our patent licensed 360° unique rotational bead system. Aluminum alloy handles engrave service available!!! Let's make it special NOW!!



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  Temperature Range: -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to 100°C)

  Extreme flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, small bend radius

  DOP-free, mold-free, recyclable and eco-friendly

  Light-weighted PP hand grippers with high tensile strength, anti-wear POM chamber

Χ  PP handles engrave service