Li Chung plastic Co., Ltd. (LC) was founded in 1990. As a leading manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, LC have made tube extrusion, hose braiding, fitting assembly, swaging and many other massive in-house testing into our basic daily operations. In order to provide more advanced and thoughtful services from the customers’ point of view, LC has been dedicated itself in various hose application researches, such as industrial hoses, high and low pressure scuba diving hoses, paintball gun remote hose sets, paintball gun regulators, lubrication/ hydraulic high pressure hoses, and air tool hose, etc.

Furthermore, LC has built up a well-organized quality control (QC) system and professional testing equipment for all operational procedures and the final auditing. With the ceaseless efforts, the extensive knowledge and sources related to plastics, R&D innovations, continuously accumulating experiences, well-established QC system, and passion for improving have made the core business value and competitiveness of LC.

Industrial Hoses & Scuba Diving Hoses

From selecting the material, designing the structure, implementing, to the strict examination to ensure the quality of the low and high pressure hoses, manufacturing hoses has always been LC’s specialty.

LC started its business and accumulates experiences from manufacturing the industrial hoses. Ranging from Teflon hoses (with and without heat resistant coating), Nylon high pressure hoses, PU braid hoses, PVC braid hoses, Paint hoses, washer hoses, grease hoses, mist spray hoses, air hoses, micro grander hoses, to fittings, adaptors, and couplings, LC carefully inspect and examine them to meet the international standards, such as, ASTM, SAE, EN, and ANSI, for materials and the finish of the products. These accumulated experiences on design, manufacture, and improvements give LC the ability and confidence to maintain and ensure the quality and, furthermore, develop Scuba diving hoses.

The high-polymerized materials for both kinds of high and low pressure Scuba hoses are extremely flexible, weather resistant, anti-UV ray, and have a long service life. They help avoiding the common problems encountered while using Rubber hoses. These advantages, therefore, raise the value of LC’s scuba diving hoses. The reinforced denser braiding method brings the safety coefficient to a higher level with the appearance of the hoses sophisticated and maintains nice abrasion performances.

Among these described above, in order to meet the expectation of the clients toward a better tactile quality, LC manufactures many kinds of hoses for clients to choose. Some types are provided with various colors that are special and easy to be recognized above or in water. Some matt-coated types have excellent tactile and the engraving of the hoses can be read clearly to remind clients the working/burst pressure. All of LC’s scuba diving hoses have to meet the EN250 standard for the inner inspection and examination for elongation, burst, tensile strength, crimping, and under water leak tests. The certificates for each type of hoses are periodically re-examined and updated by the authorized institution.

Paintball Series (Remote hose sets and Regulators)

LC’s remote hoses are all coiled, crimped, and tested under the standardized examine process. The hoses are flexible and can go with many types of slide checks that allow the users to release pressure during their use easily and safely. As the factory OEM for some famous international brands for HPA regulators, LC’s regulators have very short re-pressurized gaps, and show nice and stable performances. The regulators have to pass the leak tests, pressure adjustments, performance reinsurance tests (while installed to paintball guns), etc. “Flexego” is an easy-accessible platform to provide the well-made and tested products to the ones in need. Not only the fully tested sets can be found in “Flexego” website, but also the replaceable accessories for the advanced users who’d like to replace some of the worn out parts.

Jump Ropes

In seeing that most people have become more concerned about their health recent years according to some eating and exercising tendency researches, LC has started to promote jump rope exercises that can be done with very limited equipment by almost all ages. One can adjust the speed any time during the exercise according to one’s condition. Jump rope is a great exercise for accelerating blood circulation, enhancing bone mineral density, increasing cardiopulmonary function, improving muscle and strength, and tuning up physical coordinate ability and response sensibility. It is also been proven to be an exercise that does not hurt one’s knees, and is one of the activities that helps on loosing fat effectively.

The advantages of LC’s jump ropes are many. First of all, the materials are with extreme flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, small bend radius, and anti-wear. The strong monofilament-braided inner core stays in straight middle of the HS-PVC coating ropes forms a great circularity. They do not easily break inside or outside even when stamped on suddenly onto the ropes during using the jump ropes. Let aloeg the TPU molecular elastomer (solid) ropes, the TPU molecular elastomer (in triple spirals) ropes and the TPU molecular elastomer coating steel wire ropes. They are even stronger structure-wise and TPU molecular elastomer is DOP-free, mold-free, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

Secondly, the choices of grippers are many and are described as below: accurate CNC lathing aluminum alloy (T6061) grippers combing rotational system tightly with hydraulic punch. Light-weighted PP hand grippers combining high tensile strength and anti-wear POM chamber, and LC’s patent-licensed 360° unique rotational bead system. The special rotating parts can effectively decrease the percentage of failure while jumping and the abrasion of the jump ropes is much less. The aluminum alloy grippers are open to customized engraving service, too!

Last but not least, all of the jump ropes have to pass the tensile strength tests for the connecting/ rotational parts. The testing data, material used, and the composition charts are clearly marked and show in “Flexego” website, so that the clients are able to adjust the length of the jump rope simply follow the instructions in a fairly easy way. With confidence, LC hopes to go a long way with our healthy customers.